While residing in Scotland, half-Austrian/half-Russian Valerio Dittrich a.k.a MOTSA immersed himself within UK bass/electronic culture. He became a student to the sounds he uncovered in Scotland and found pure inspiration amongst all areas of his environment – enough so to write, produce and play his own music, now out of his native Vienna.

Devoting hours of energy to his compositions, Valerio’s aptitude for production has only grown exponentially in the past few years. Although initially inspired by what he heard while living in the United Kingdom, Valerio has not limited himself to solely become a pastiche of a scene for which he has fond memories, but has actively sought out sounds and textures from the vast spectrum of electronic music. This in turn has allowed him to create diverse and unique tracks, which all share a common quality with their bass led, beat driven, soulful and harmonic edge.

MOTSA’s ability to combine his unique artistic flair with the musical diversity he employs, has garnered the attention of several influential figures, tastemakers and labels. International dance icon, Sasha, included “Sleepless Nights” on his compilation for Mixmag, Beatport named ‘Untitled’ one of the top tracks of it’s year and i-D, THUMP, Eton Messy, Annie Mac, Dummy Mag and XLR8R are all included in his surplus of supporters. Besides Blog, Magazine and DJ support, MOTSA has recieved airplays on BBC Radio 1 and Radio 6 plus several rotation spots on Austria’s Radio FM4 – His track „Clocks“ was also featured in FM4’s Top 100 singles of the Year 2015. Along with his friends salute, Mimu and Cid Rim, he was invited to partake at the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp Vienna in 2013. He has also released original and remix work on key labels such as Counter Records (Ninja Tune), Because Music, PMR, Southern Fried Records, Last Night On Earth and Compost Records.

MOTSA has found himself in the enviable position of being recognized and revered by the likes of John Digweed, Tom Ravenscroft, Adam Freeland and Maribou State. This list only continues to grow with each incredible remix for established acts in the field – Submotion Orchestra, SG Lewis, The 2 Bears and Flamingods being the most recent names that have commisioned MOTSA for his remix work.

To say that MOTSA has broken through would be an understatement, his momentum only continues exponentially in with the release of each original record. His debut EP on Fatboy Slim’s prestigious Southern Fried Records for example received critical acclaim and 9/10 reviews from dance music gospels Mixmag and DJ Mag. It pushed the parameters of his own sound that did not go unnoticed by his fellow peers, one of which being Bearcubs who created the inimitable „London Drizzle“ with MOTSA on two rainy days in England’s captial.

His 2 follow up EP’s on Southern Fried in 2016 continued in the same light and his recent success was aknowleged with a nomination for the Austrian „Amadeus Music Award“.

MOTSA is a musician driven by a desire to convey his serious love for sounds and to push his own musical boundaries. Instead of resting on familiar structures, Valerio decided to change his approach and started recording and incorporating organic textures, instruments, synthesizers and his own voice in his new work. This has led him from a purely club directed sound towards a more melodic yet still beat heavy and danceable realm of electronic music.

His 4th EP was released on his very own imprint “Petricolour” in November 2016. This also began the debut of MOTSA’s live-set which he will be touring across Europe in 2018. It marked an amazing watershed moment for Valerio where he truly highlighted his enormous potential. Amassing plaudits globally and 5 million plays on Spotify the music world was awoken to the inimitably of his talents.

Now encroaching on the end of 2017 and in to 2018, new single Falling is the first taste of the eagerly awaited debut LP from MOTSA.